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Am I eligible to mentor?

Anyone who is a University of Sydney graduate can become a mentor.

What if I've never formally mentored others before?

Alumni need no previous mentoring experience - simply a desire to help a student or another alumnus, and the willingness to share their time and life experience on a mutually agreed basis.

Why should I consider becoming a mentor?
Mentoring provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the career development of a student or fellow alumnus by sharing knowledge you have acquired through years of experience.

Are there benefits to being a mentor?

As a University of Sydney Mentor, you'll gain:
  • gratification inherent to the gifting your experiences and advice
  • respect from others as they witness your giving back to the university and your community
  • enhanced coaching, communication and leadership skills
  • valuable emotional intelligence 
  • increased confidence and sense of self-worth
  • reinforced academic knowledge
  • expanded professional and personal networks
  • knowledge and insight from your mentee
  • gratitude and appreciation from your mentee(s)